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A.A. Chamberlynn Series List

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The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse Series (Fantasy Western) Ongoing Series

A War of Daisies (Book 1)

A Famine of Crows (Book 2)

A Death of Music (Book 3)

A Pestilence of Pride (Book 4) October 2021

A Bargain with Angels (Book 5) Forthcoming

A Dance with Demons (Book 6) Forthcoming

A Song for the Devil (Book 7) Forthcoming

Zyan Star Series (Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Suspense) Ongoing Series

Martinis with the Devil (Book 1)

Whiskey and Angelfire (Book 2)

Vengeance and Vermouth (Book 3)

Black Magic and Mojitos (prequel novelette/Book 4)

Sorcery and Sidecars (origin story novella/Book 5)

Zyan Star Book 6 - Forthcoming

The Quinn Chronicles (A Zyan Star Spin Off Series) Completed Series (though Quinn will be part of the future Zyan books)

Death and Dating (Book 1)

Death and Promises (Book 2)

Death and Eternity (Book 3)

Author's Note on Zyan and Quinn: Ideal series reading order is Zyan books 1-5, Quinn books 1-3, then Zyan book 6 onward (once they are released). 

The Timekeeper's War Series (Contemporary Fantasy/Mythology Mashup) Completed Series

Huntress Found (Book 1)

Huntress Lost (Book 2)

Huntress at War (Book 3)

Of Blood, Earth and Magic (Young Adult Magepunk/Tribal Fantasy) Standalone Book

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